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How Can I Help?

1 / Find Your Representatives

Find your state Senator and Delegate. Survivors need your help to email and call your representatives to urge passage of the two bills. Don't be scared they are YOUR representatives. The democratic process requires input from all of its citizens. See tips on communicating with your legislators. Delegate Contact List and Senator Contact list

2 / Urge Committee members to support the bills

The vital first step of a bill is to get a favorable committee vote. Immediate action needed. If a bill does not pass committee it is DEAD!

Please contact committee members and urge them to vote favorably on HB0001 and SBxxx. SB bill number TBD

3 / Contact Your Representatives

Please write, email and call your representatives. See tips for tips and talking points.

Use your location to find your representatives - click here

Consider attending Lobby  Day on January 30th.

4 / Spread the word 

Like and follow our social media pages. Be an advocate on Twitter, FaceBook.  Please post on the Child Victims Act of 2023. Like us on FaceBook and Twitter.

5 / Stay Informed 

You can stay informed on the bills' progress by registering to the MyMGA Tracking site. 

Our main goal is to help pass legislation that will provide justice for Maryland survivors of child sexual abuse. Two identical bills need to be passed - One in the Senate and one in the House of Delegates. We need help in urging Maryland legislators to pass the bills so they become Maryland state law. Click here for how a bill becomes a law.

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