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Fact Sheets

Information on how trauma affects children and why the current statute of repose is bad public policy. Current laws fail to protect children, punish perpetrators, are economically unsound and fundamentally unjust. 


Briefing materials presented to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee concerning a cross-filed HB1 bill

Institutional Betrayal -thumb.jpg

Information on how institutions cover up of abuse and how this affects victims.

MD SOL One Pager 2023 thumb.jpg

Statistics and information on why statute of limitations reform is needed  Maryland

MD CVA - CHILD USA Bankruptcy thumb.jpg

Information on why Chapter 11 is a revictimization of child sexual abuse survivors.

MD Child Victims Act of 2023 (HB0001) One Pager-0.jpg

Information on what is in HB001 - Delegate CT Wilsons bill in the House of Delegates

MD CVA Bankruptcy One Pager 2023 thumb.jpg

Information on what happens when a Diocese files for bankruptcy


Federal law now has no statute of limitations for civil suits related to sexual assault 

s.3103 indepth.png

Indepth information on the Senate 3101 Act

The Respect for Child Survivors Act.png

A new bill to help agencies with investigation of sexual assault crimes.

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