Maryland Hidden Predator Act

Incredibly, a Harford County state senator sides with predators over victims of child abuse | READER COMMENTARY, Baltimore Sun, 11 March 2020

Extending the time child sexual abuse victims can sue is a welcome step | READER COMMENTARY, Baltimore Sun, 6 March 2020


Maryland state senator compares bill on child sexual abuse lawsuits to Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process Baltimore Sun, 5 March 2020

The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board recommends passage of HB974 and states, "Abusers, or those who shielded them, deserve to be called to account for their actions whenever they occurred, otherwise the only ones suffering consequences are the victims."  Read more here.
Baltimore Sun, 20 Feb 2020

Maryland lawmakers to weigh whether sexual abuse survivors should have more time to sue, Baltimore Sun, 19 Feb 2020 
Hidden Predator Act would end statute of limitations on filing lawsuits in future cases WBAL, 20 Feb 2020

Our Say: Lawmakers may block statute of limitation changes but justice will win out in Key School case The Capital, 6 March 2019

"Like many social issues, failure in one session does not mean the end of the road...This bill may falter this year. We predict that will not be the end of it."

Bill expanding ability to file lawsuits over child sexual abuse moves forward in Maryland Baltimore Sun, 16 March 2019

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