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Click here to download the Maryland Survivor Toolkit:

A Guide for Child Sex Abuse Survivors Who Are Considering Legal Action

The Child Victims Act of 2023 is Now Law

The Child Victims Act of 2023 gives survivors access to justice and help protect children

from sexual abuse by bringing predators to light.

About The Child Victims Act of 2023

Read the bills HB001 and SB686. 

What are The Child Victims of 2023 Act Goals?

  • Arm trusted adults with information to protect children
  • Shift the cost of abuse from victims to those who caused the harm

  • Provide a path to justice for victims ready to come forward

  • Identify Hidden Predators

  • Disclose facts of sex abuse epidemic to the public

The 2023 Child Victims Act :
It’s important to understand the key elements of the bill:

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